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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OpenWengo to get P2P SIP

A few weeks ago, Ed Pimentel (from announced on the OpenWengo mailing list that he and other developers are working on implementing the latest IEFT P2PSIP Draft to develop an OpenSource P2PSIP Client, Peers and DHT cloud framework that closely follow the P2PSIP and IESG drafts.

The project consists in:
  • CHORD for the DHT
  • Sophia for the SIP Stack
  • OpenWengo for the Client
  • FreeSwitch for the SIP Gateway
A project was created on Sourceforge here:

It is stated on the sourceforge forum that:

"The plan requires to use CHORD as the DHT Cloud and to enhance/define the
bits that go
on the wire and how it connects/interfaces with the sip client, as described
in the P2PSIP IETF WG.

Initially we want to create a small and simple prototype ( Sophia) client,
once it is working we will integrate sophia (sip stack) + GAIM (AIM, MSN,
XMPP) to OpenWengo coipmanager which is complete abstraction layer. "

With the WengoPhone getting better with every release with support for secure encrypted communication and audio/video conference and soon P2P support, there are absolutely no reasons to use anything else :)

More info here:
Official P2PSIP Site


ViaSIP_NG Mailing List

IETF Drafts and Discussions
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Concepts and Terminology for Peer to Peer Sip - Oct 2006

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A Protocol for Implementing Various DHT Algorithms Oct 2006

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