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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The only true FOSS Skype replacement

QutePhone is the only true free and open source software that offers all of the Skype features and even more.

Here is a list of all cool features covered by QutePhone:
  1. PC-to-PC phone calls, Video and Chat
  2. Call-out to phones or mobiles
  3. Compatible with any SIP phones
  4. NAT and Firewall Transversal
  5. Free and open source GPL License
  6. Send SMS
  7. Uses open standards only
  8. Multi plateform (Windows,gnu/linux,MacOS,Windows Mobile,BSDs)
  9. Contact availability
  10. Audio smileys
  11. more...

Get it Now! (The Gnu/Linux version is already part of Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse and other distros! :) )


Anonymous ramas_rtl said...

Ok you convinced me;
now I have to convince also my girlfriend :)

3:25 PM

Anonymous daniele rossi said...

very good article. I also support open source as much as I can.
At the moment, I have to run both program to be reachable from skype users.

To be honest, Skype is (yet) more complete than wengo, for instance you can reach more countries via landlines, conference call in five (not only three), answering machine and many small commodities.

But I'm sure things will grow and be better!!!

10:04 AM

Anonymous jdackle said...

"Start patching"?! Come on!
I honestly apreciate this article of yours, but "start patching"...?
You do realise most end-users (like myself) don't even know WTH "patching" a piece of software means, don't you?...

But the *real* point, if I may, is very good! Specially with that other article of yours on Skype. ;)


3:28 PM

Anonymous Sarah said...

hi, I think this sounds great. However, could you clear up a point for me? Do WengoPhone make money? If so, how? If not, what's in it for them? I'm just not sure that I understand how all this open-source stuff works...

12:36 PM


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