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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New VoIP IM with video based on theora to be open sourced

" :: Technical Specifications:

- audio sampling 8khz (narrowband) or 16khz (wideband Skype-like)
- supported audio codecs: speex, gsm, g711u, g711a
- available audio codecs (upon compilation): amr_nb, amr_wb, ilbc
- supported video codec: theora
- available video codecs (upon compilation): h261, h263, h263+, mpeg4, h264 (requires a gpl build)
- audio bitrate: 28kbps
- video bitrate: 64kbps
- P2P NAT friendly protocol (full non-symmetric NAT support; port prediction when behind symmetrical NAT)
- the basic subsystem works under Windows, Linux and Mac (without video)

Planned developments for the future:
- TCP Tunneling to bypass Firewalls
- End-to-End cryptography
- Re-engineering of the P2P component in Python to allow code portability.

Tipic Voip/audio implementation is based on the following Open Source projects:
- Basic VOIP stack. Tipic added video, wideband audio and support for echo cancellation.
- Default audio Codec. Tipic sponsored the echo cancellation improvements.
- Default Video Codec.
- Video visualizzation in TipicIM."

Sources haven't been released yet as of 15/12/2005.
I'll post again about it when the sources are out there. Still it looks very promissing.

Edit: It is actually released as open source, at least the modified iaxclient library has been released on sourceforge under the LGPL here:

"Tipic Inc. is proud to announce the born of the first Open Source, P2P, VoIP and Video conferencing solution for XMPP/Jabber. The target of this project is to develop a new portable set of codes using high quality libraries to add VoIP and Video to XMPP"


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