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Sunday, December 11, 2005

New GStreamer 0.10 released... and a nice VoIP use of it!

"Thread-safety, RTP/VoIP support, automatic registry maintenance, twice the performance, and a whole lot more...the best just got better. A highly flexible, cross-platform, and GUI-independent multimedia framework, GStreamer takes your media, chews it up, and spits it out into aural and visual paradise."

Of course the part that is of interest for this blog is the TRP/VoIP support :) Fluendo and Nokia are using it. There are also a couple of projects that use it. One of the most interesting is tapioca (LGPL). It uses GStreamer
, sofia-sip, JRTPlib, libgs and GTK for the UI.

Tapioca is a VoIP framework that make it easy to build application on top of it using different protocols such as SIP or AIX or else. It provides:
  1. a SIP daemon
  2. a dbus layer
  3. " A daemon providing the VoIP engine and a client interface that provides access to the VoiP engine services."
  4. a plugin interface to use different protocols, only SIP is implemented
  5. A GTK test GUI
Check it out...


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